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Chris Stonecipher

Brickle Bars - 0 views

    If you like bar recipes, then you will love Brickle Bars! Brickle Bars has chocolate chips, semi-sweet chocolate and almond brickle pieces. This is delicious, easy to make and highly addictive.
gina syarif

Chocolate-Orange Layer Cake | Love My Philly - 1 views

    Complete with layers of delicious, cream cheese frosting, this is an awesome cake for a birthday or for any type of celebration.
    This looks so good. i may need to spend extra time at the gym for this one but it looks worth it.
gina syarif

Mud Pie | Love My Philly - 0 views

    Unlike the kind you find on your doormat, this type of mud cake is tasty! The mixture of PHILLY Cream Cheese and JELL-O Chocolate Instant Pudding
Aemina Turner

Getting Started with Diigolet - Diigo help - 0 views

  • Tags help you find and organize your bookmarks by letting you select all of your bookmarks with a certain tag or combination of tags. Quickly add relevant tags to a bookmark by clicking on any of the recommended tags that appear under the description field on the “Save Bookmark” pop-up. When you are satisfied with the information in the “Save Bookmark” pop-up, click the “Save Bookmark” button. Now a link to the page is stored in your Diigo library, and the information you entered is stored with it.
  • Highlight Highlighting lets you denote important information on a page, just like highlighting in a book, but with Diigo, the highlighted text will be conveniently saved to your library as well. There are some important things for me to denote on my recipe. My wife doesn’t like pineapple, my grandfather can’t have eggs or chocolate, and I don’t like coconut very much, so I highlight those items on the recipe to let me know I need to deal with them. Highlight by clicking “Highlight” on the Diigolet. Then select the text you want to highlight. The text will be visually highlighted and the text is now stored in your library. It’s that easy. Click the button again to exit highlighter mode. You can also change the color of a highlight by clicking the downward-pointing arrow next to “Highlight” and choosing a color. Colors are useful for differentiating different types of highlights. I will use a different color for each of the different people I need to consider.
  • To add a sticky note to a highlight, simply move your mouse cursor over a highlight. When the little pop-up tab with the pencil on it appears, move the cursor to it and a menu will appear. Choose “Add Sticky Notes”. Now you can type and post a sticky note just like before, but this time it will be tied to the highlighted text.
gina syarif

Shortbread Striped Delight - 0 views

    Yum…shortbread-this type of cookie or biscuit is traditionally made from one part white sugar, two parts butter, and three parts white flour or oatmeal. Mix up the popular Scottish cookie and get creative with this Shortbread Striped Delight recipe.
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