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Donna Baumbach

Your clips from Web - - 16 views

    "WebClip lets you clip videos, photos, text and links that most interests you. Rather than bookmarking the web page (of course you can do that too), you save parts of pages that you like. Having all the clips in one location, able to play, view, read and share them with your friends via social networking channels, are some of the advantages of webclip. "

8 amazing and easy to use text pads - 10 views

text pads

Mike Chelen

Mask Email Image Generator ( - 0 views

    The Mask Email Image Generator will create a JPG image of your email address. Use it in place of text to fool those evil spiders that seek out email addresses for purposes of sending junk email. Once you've created your image, save it to your system. Don't link back to this server. Images are deleted every three minutes.
cysko cysko

text messaging - 0 views

    Customers with unlimited plans, like diners bringing a healthy appetite to an all-you-can-eat cafeteria, might think they're getting the best out of the arrangement. But the carriers, unlike the cafeteria owners, can provide unlimited quantities of "food" at virtually no cost to themselves - so long as it is served in bite-sized portions.
David Feng

EtherPad: Realtime Collaborative Text Editing - 0 views

shared by David Feng on 19 Nov 08 - Cached
    Multiple people can edit a document simultaneously! Here's a video:
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