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Why Choose Dot Net for Enterprise Application Development in 2021? - 0 views

    Success belongs to disruptors who think beyond normal to develop unique ideas powered by technology and innovation. Thus, in modern times, businesses need to put innovation at the heart of their application, and therefore, they need solid technical partners to support and develop such applications. Current enterprise application options are a mix of a legacy system and new digital technology. However, businesses need enterprise application services that can serve the dual purpose of - covering all the business processes while providing speed and agility. Sharing clearly defined requirements and timely communication with your tech partner pave the way for successful enterprise application development. But most essential in all this is to choose the right technology for your application development. As per stats, 75% of all enterprise applications run on dot net framework. Thus, no wonder, with advanced technology, you need a reliable dot net web development company for the success of your application. There are significant reasons why most enterprise application development companies prefer Microsoft Dot Net. But before we dive into that, let's understand what an enterprise application is.
    With the constant change in operations of an enterprise, it is imperative to build an internal system that resists and adapts to all kinds of change. The future of Microsoft Dot Net is also not a secret. Surveys suggest that the framework is only seen to be growing in the near future. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right dot net web app development agency to build a robust enterprise application for your organization to change the chain of events drastically.
Pat Wagner

IS 339 Presents Dot-to-Dot, a Global Learning Reception - 0 views

shared by Pat Wagner on 25 May 09 - Cached
    Dot-to-Dot will be hosted by IS 339 on June 9, 2009." /> This is a cached version of has no relation to the site.x   0

Best dot net training for professionals - 0 views

    Avail comprehensive dot net training from expert trainers at Multisoft Systems. With this, you can create applications for the web and Windows.
shohan tis

Spy Money TTM Squeeze Indicator for NinjaTrader 8 - Spy Money, LLC - 0 views

    Spy Money TTM Squeeze Indicator compliments a lot of strategies. It gives your signals for chop areas and buy/sell orders. It has a momentum histogram that many trade but it also shows chop with red dots on the 0 line. If there are red dots, it's best to wait it out. Green dots signal full steam ahead.
Start FaceBook

Guide and information for DoneTask | DoneTask - Help with Your Homework - 11 views

    Dear visitors, After a long period of time is a short written description and guide through DoneTask Dot Com project, which will provide information related to work, the reservation and other benefits that the project will provide. More information about Dot Com DoneTask project you can read the "Guide and Information for DoneTask, download a brochure at the following link:
Christy Mckenzie

5929 - 0 views

    Connect dots n color

Best-in-class Advanced Dot Net training from certified trainers - 0 views

    Incorporated with newest technology and training facility, and custom designed courses; the advanced .Net training from the Multisoft Systems helps the trainees develop and hone their skills in a multi-faceted manner.
avivajazz  jazzaviva

Social Media is Here to Stay... Now What? | Microsoft Research Tech Fest 2009 | danah boyd - 3 views

  • Adults are crafting them to show-off to people from the past and connect the dots between different audiences as a way of coping with the awkwardness of collapsed contexts.
    • Jill Walker Rettberg
      Interesting idea as to why adults do the 25 things thing on Facebook. I'm not sure about the "show off" (at least not in the ones I've seen) but certainly the connect-the-dots things seems to be happening.
  • Too bad that most of the templates that they are given are much more corporate in nature.
  • (de)locatability
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • Collapsed Contexts
  • Blurring of Public and Private
yc c

Web 2.0 Validator : We're the dot in Web 2.0 - 0 views

    Read who makes the rules
Soniya Patel

What Questions to ask a Web Designer before you sign on the dotted line - 0 views

    It seems like everybody is using the Internet these days, and you are no exception to this! If you need to start a website, who are you going to hire to design and build it? Perhaps you know a little about web designing, but is it enough to handle such a project by yourself? Whatever may be your experience, it is very important to make the right choices when hiring a professional website designer.
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