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abercrobamme abercrobamme

quotidien. Survetement ED Hardy pas cher - 0 views

Elle a à cet effet, promis de saisir les instances compétentes.Pour Mme Kanyimbo, le journaliste a fait son travail, en s' appropriant de la liste des "absentéistes" au parlement afin de la publier...

Survetement ED Hardy pas cher

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abercrobamme abercrobamme

mois. Survetement ED Hardy pas cher - 0 views

« Nous ne savons rien du tout sur ce sujet », a t-il dit lors d'une conférence de presse ordinaire, réaffirmant la position de la Chine, selon laquelle ce conflit est un problème bilatéral russo-ja...

Survetement ED Hardy pas cher

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abercrobamme abercrobamme

personne. survetement ed hardy - 0 views

Qu'est-ce que la - ? " souffla Ron comme il sauta sur ses pieds à nouveau , les yeux fixés sur la chose qui était apparu .Pour une fraction de seconde , Harry pensait que c'était une autre formatio...

survetement ed hardy

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bonig bonig53

Si salvi chi può - 0 views

    E' da un pò di giorni che osservo quanto è successo in Giappone ed a Fukushima. Tante sono le domande che mi pongo ed una in particolare che mi preoccupa più delle altre. Un terremoto apocalittico ha messo in ginocchio una nazione intera ed ha scatenato una reazione nucleare incontrollabile in una delle sue centrali elettriche. Non sto qui a dirvi o farvi la cronaca di quello che è successo, del perchè, di chi è la colpa e qual'è la soluzione. Col senno di poi, tutti possiamo essere scienziati, fisici, governatori ed ambientalisti eccellenti.
luxuriance1 luxuriance1

nucléaire. Polo Franklin Marshall - 0 views

Il a été attribué dans la catégorie « service public » à Philadelphia Inquirer (pour l'examen de la nature de la violence dans les écoles); dans celle de reportage sur les lieux à Tuscaloosa News (...

Polo Franklin Marshall

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Kangdon Lee

TED-Ed - Lessons Worth Sharing - 0 views

    TED-Ed - Lessons Worth Sharing ted, education, TEDED, ideas, Videos, resources, edchat, web2.0, technology,

YouTube - Bookmarking Your Blog With Socialmarker - 0 views

    Ed Dale shows how to use online social networking with great easy that would make just about anyone interested in getting into it.
Enid Baines

Economists Propose 'Consumer Reports' for Ed. Tech. - Marketplace K-12 - Education Week - 0 views

    out that K-12 education accounts for 0.2 percent of the research and development expenditures in the U.S., a fraction of what is spent in the pharmaceutical industry, which is also highly regulated. A low-cost, rigorous, and rapid way to conduct randomized trials in schools would help education innovate at a rate similar to that of the general technology industry, where products are put in front of users early and often and companies are in a constant state of change, the paper argues. Though that's what could make the public nature of the results a hard selling point to entrepreneurs.
my mashable

When You Love WordPress Very Much, You Tattoo It On Your Arm - 0 views

    This is nice, in a slightly creepy, and yet delightfully geeky kind of way: a fellow named Ed Morita decided to tattoo a WordPress logo on his forearm. It's not just a plain, boring logo type of tattoo, there's all sorts of things happening here: skin is peeled off, wires and circuits are shown, and there's a nice big "W" as the centerpiece.
luxuriance1 luxuriance1

Oakley Active Poi la voce - 0 views

Molto spesso infatti viene usato anche se non ce ne sarebbe ragione."Chi siete?" disse il figlio minore."Sono la rana", e siccome lui non ci voleva credere, la ragazza aperse uno scrigno dove c'era...

Occhiali da sole Carrera Oakley Active Jacket

started by luxuriance1 luxuriance1 on 06 May 14 no follow-up yet
Kathie Glick

A Teen Take on Ed Tech | Youth Radio -- Youth Media International - 0 views

    A look at technology in the classroom from the student's point of view.  Gives interesting insights for those of us on a tech committee at our schools.  
clockwork59 .

麦肯锡季刊:麦肯锡公司的在线刊物 - 0 views

  • 实际上,Steve Jobs、Ed Catmull 和 John Lasseter 说:“唯一让我们害怕的事就是自满(感觉我们已经找到了所有问题的真谛)。我们想让你来进行重组。如果我们认为你所做的事情没有意义,我们会与你痛快地争论一番。但是,如果你能说服我们,我们将会以一种不同的方式做事。”对于一个只有成功没有失败的公司来说,邀请一个刚刚结束一项失败的人并且对他说:“干你的,对我们的思想进行挑战,对公司进行改革。”你什么时候能遇到这种事呢?
    • clockwork59 .
  • 他们的共同点是不知疲劳的探索性格
  • 我们就都在同一条船上了,我们都朝着一个明确的目标前进。”
    • clockwork59 .
Graham Perrin

MALLET - 11 views

  • MAchine Learning for LanguagE Toolkit
  • statistical natural language processing, document classification, clustering, topic modeling, information extraction, and other machine learning applications to text
  • ...4 more annotations...
  • sophisticated tools for document classification
  • tools for sequence tagging
  • open source
  • for analyzing large collections of unlabeled text. The MALLET topic modeling toolkit
Shamblesguru Smith

Shambles Newsletter May 2011 .. now online - 15 views

    Shambles Newsletter May 2011 .. now online and it lives at or use the short url It only comes out three time a year ... designed specifically for k-12 educators The Content in this issue includes - launch of ShamblesPad (built on EtherPad) - Facebook instant OpenSIM VW - IB in LinkedIn - CPD courses and conferences - iPad School Timetable App written by a student - SAGE: Speakers, Authors, Guests, Experts - PLANA Australia New Zealand CPD Portal - #21CLHK #learn21cn #TechEx2011 #barcampcm4 #rscon3 - iDevices Apps #mlearning #Apps #edapp - The Relationship Manifesto - Digitise the Text Book Industry - The TED-Ed Brain Trust - Generation Y: Who, What, How - Flipped Classroom I'd appreciate your help to spread the word by forwarding this email to education colleagues or by Tweeting or through Social networks. It might be more convenient to use the url which has a sign-up form and also contains archives back to 2002. The next edition out in November (enjoy the summer hols) Many thanks Chris Chris Smith (shamblesguru) (over 10,000 visitors a day) Bio Follow me on Twitter @shamblesguru I hope you are already signed up for the free Shambles newsletter … only 3 a year
Donna Baumbach

Jackie Gerstein, Ed.D. - 1 views

    using LiveBinders as a portfolio - EXCELLENT!!
Syntacticsinc SEO

The Results of Persistent SEO - 1 views

I have hired Philippine outsourcing firm Syntactics Inc to work on my website and take care of my online marketing needs too. In just one month, they were able to put a business-oriented website th...

search engine optimization

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luxuriance1 luxuriance1

Occhiali Ray Ban Clubmaster Entro - 0 views

Nelle imprese operanti su piccole superfici le vendite segnano un calo del 2,9% per i prodotti alimentari e del 2,3% per quelli non alimentari. Quanto alla grande distribuzione, a gennaio 2014 si r...

Occhiali Ray Ban Clubmaster

started by luxuriance1 luxuriance1 on 28 Mar 14 no follow-up yet
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