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Apple's 10 biggest problems - Apple 2.0 - Fortune Brainstorm Tech - 14 views

    Daring Fireball's John Gruber - a Drexel University computer major turned professional blogger - is perhaps the most forceful and articulate defender on the Web of all things Apple (AAPL). He came to Macworld Expo 2010, however, not to praise the company but to probe its vulnerabilities
Willis Wee

YouTube Phone Bashing: Android Vs iPhone - 1 views

    Verizon Wireless' "iDon't" ad campaign pointing out everything Android phone has that iPhone your phone doesn't....we don't expect iPhone fans to just sit there and watch their favorite brand get bashed.
Adam Mills

Facebook for iPhone OS 3.0 to come with many new features - 0 views

    Later this summer, Facebook will launch its app for the iPhone's OS 3.0 and rest assured it contains plenty of new additions.
Graham Perrin

Apple - Mac OS X Snow Leopard - Accessibility - 0 views

Adam Mills

Will Pencasting be the next social media craze? - 0 views

    Livescribe's Pulse Smartpen has garnered excellent reviews since its release and is now making a splash into the social media waters. Will Pencasting be the next craze in online communication? Come find out.
    You guys think this could become all the rage?

The FireWire interface - 0 views

    FireWire is a high speed and low-cost serial bus, initially developed by Apple and Texas Instruments.
Seth Greenblatt

Tech Landscape - 0 views

    Tech Landscape: Musings of a Scientist on Current and Emerging Technologies is intended to cover a wide variety of technology topics, with a bit of bias toward Social Media, the Macintosh and other Apple products, GTD, and Mind Mapping.
my mashable

Flash On Most Smartphones: Not Yet. Flash on the iPhone: Maybe Never - 0 views

    Reading between the lines and past the Adobe Flash Lite Distributable Player, Adobe's announcement prior to this year's Mobile World Congress isn't all that exciting.In short, the full version of Flash is coming to most smartphones - Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile devices, as well as Palm Pre - in early 2010. Which pretty much means they'll really be announcing it at the next year's MWC.
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