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Graham Perrin

workflow: all annotations: public, private and group comments and notes - 24 views

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started by Graham Perrin on 18 Jul 09
  • Graham Perrin
    Highlights from :

    > Following that initial copy (to groups):
    > * additional highlights and stuck notes will be copied to each of the groups
    > * additional page comments are probably copied in the same way, to each group


    Highlights are flowed neatly to each group.

    A page comment, or a note that is stuck to a highlight or floated, does not gain the same multiple flow treatment. A comment or note can be one of three things:

    * open to the public
    * private
    * pushed to a group

    - for your own writing, this controlled approach is good
    - not all writing is appropriate for all audiences.

    Key distinction:

    * the words that you highlight are usually not your own
    * for the words that you write, you gain greater control.


    1. Make greater use of the All annotations feature, available for
    each bookmark in your My bookmarks.

    2. Note the [Preview] switch alongside the title of the bookmark. It's easily overlooked or ignored, but it can be very useful.

    3. You'll see comments, highlights and notes - from the public, and from all groups of which you are a member.

    4. Follow the invitation to Add comment - and unless there's a good reason to restrict it to any one group, make your comment public.

    5. Then, if you really want to push your comment to a group: use Diigolet, or your online list of bookmarks, or an installed version of Diigo.


    Traditionally, I shied away from public comment and the All annotations feature, mainly because public comments are not immediately obvious to public and other users of Diigolet.

    Seeing little value in public comment, I preferred groups. At least: in the Diigo web interface to a group, it's easy to see comments.

    In groups, I do see huge amounts of one-way activity. However: there is very little conversation!

    How many of you have scores of unread e-mails from groups? I often plan to use Diigo groups to catch up on things that interest me, but I rarely get round to it ;)

    Most recently, party thanks to basic questions from new users of Diigo, I'm gaining a greater appreciation of how bookmark-related comments and conversation can be encouraged, and much of this centres around the All annotations feature.

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