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Graham Perrin

WebSlides: options to loop/repeat, randomise - 93 views

WebSlides loop load performance suggestion gpd4

started by Graham Perrin on 22 Nov 08
  • Graham Perrin
    The penny has dropped. With one hopefully minor improvement, WebSlides will be a close to *PERFECT* solution to something that's bugged me for the past five years (since our move to a new building).

    Please, can Diigo add an option to _loop_ the presentation?

    I see that looping is already possible for the background music but (unless I'm missing something) not for the collection of slides.

    As background:

    * I would use WebSlides for looping presentation, of a Diigo collection (of pages), to the plasma display in the interior 'street' of our building

    * the collection to be displayed will be managed co-operatively by a Diigo group.

    An additional option - randomise - would be nice but not essential.

    Many thanks
  • Amy Jewell
    I totally love these webslides! Super cool!
  • Graham Perrin
    @ Diigo

    Might an infinite slide show present a problem in terms of load/performance?

    I imagine that second and subsequent loops (repeats) of a show should gain the vast majority of content from a local cache (not loading all from for each and every loop/repeat). Is that guess good or bad?
  • Graham Perrin
    Imagine: WebSlides, or something like it, as your screen saver…

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