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Graham Perrin

Various Diigo tools make it impossible to read or add to group comments - 61 views

bug regression gpd4 Diigolet 5.0b2

started by Graham Perrin on 19 Mar 11
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  • Graham Perrin
    Can't comment to a group

    Diigolet fails to show all group comments

    And so on.


    Whenever I view a page that Maggie has commented on, none of Maggie's comments are visible.

    Making group data invisible to other members of the group really does **not** help group work.

    From a Diigo Group work perspective, the recent designs of tools such as Diigolet seem to be massive regressions. I suspect that something basic has been overlooked.

    We can not expect all members of all groups to use Firefox or Internet Explorer.
  • Graham Perrin
    Consider, all the group comments in these and other groups:

    Hint: most of the are groups that are recommended by Diigo seem to include numerous group comments.

    Removing all of this from Diigolet is a huge step backwards.

    The Diigo banner 'Group Knowledge Repository' is no longer applicable for users of Diigolet. Hiding public information, hiding group shared information from other members of the group is really bad.
  • Michèle Drechsler
    Thank you Graham for this report. Can Diigo team improves these difficulties ? Have a great week-end.
  • Graham Perrin
    In response to Joel's post at re: description as a possible workaround to Diigo interface problems

    View Sam Richards: A radical experiment in empathy | Video on
    * in Chrome extended with Diigo
    * in any browser with Diigolet 5.0b2.

    View my annotated link in Chrome, Safari or Opera.

    Missing in all cases:

    * all group comments
    * all personal annotations
    * my personal description.

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