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PREMIUM : alternative to no more SNAPSHOT : the counter - 223 views

started by Tyme 2.0 on 07 Sep 10 no follow-up yet
  • skbreck
    Agree with the points above. Caching is a major part of diigo's appeal. Yes, servers cost money; yes, diigo needs to make money. But the pricing is absurd, particularly when considering that there is no support or help, and bugs galore which often render key functionality unusable. I hope diigo management will reconsider and implement reasonable tiered pricing commensurate with its competition.

add to list feature is blocked IE7 - 30 views

  • skbreck
    Using IE7 and Diigo v5. When attempting to bookmark: clicking add to list, then attempting to select an existing list (by using the dropdown button). Does not work - dialogue says popup blocker prevented it. However, popup blocker is turned off. Anyone able to help with this? Many thanks.
  • skbreck
    Thank you for the suggestion. I've had popup blocker turned off, expecting that deactivating it would be the best shot at eliminating the conflcit. But unfortunately it does not.
    I've also tried adding * as an allowed site. That didn't help either.
    I'll try your recommendation to set popup blocker to Low.
    Am I understanding correctly that this is a known issue? I was surprised that I only found one mention ot it when seraching this group. Perhaps everyone else relies only on tags to organize their libraries, but some old-school folks like me really prefer the functionality of lists.
    Thanks again for your help.
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