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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Sheryl A. McCoy

Graham Perrin

Follow not working - 69 views

bug assigned follow whitelist gpd4
  • Sheryl A. McCoy
    Not really, I've also tried to follow someone.....only one person during a login session....nothing happens. I've so many people that I need to follow back that I'm really trying not to think about the frustration of it all. Many of these are people who've joined my WORDLE group, and I really need to communicate with them.
  • Sheryl A. McCoy
    This may be why I've had fewer people follow me since the newer versions came out. It seems to me that Diigo wants our information, but they don't want us to share it.

    BTW, I'm looking to migrate away from Diigo for this very reason. I feel more isolated since the latest versions have been implemented....

    To Graham, thanks for starting this new thread...I'd never received any answers for months. Very unsatisfactory rating for Diigo.

    I noticed that we know are getting answers from sandy_diigo who just started their account at the end of July, 2010. In other social networks, this usually means the app has been sold, lost or taken over....that may explain many things also.
  • Sheryl A. McCoy
    Hey Joel,

    It's good to know you are here. I hope you can act on these ideas to go back to the more effective method of friending that was available in earlier iterations of Diigo. I'm not an SEO. I use Diigo for professional work and collaboration....collaboration being the KEY.

    This add only 30 members is a change from earlier iterations of Diigo. Also, the way the friends are set up is different from the past....the only way I can see the 30 people (that I follow who don't follow me) is to go through my entire friend database.....I've done it takes hours. NOT COOL!

    I take this friending part of Diigo....the REAL social part of social bookmarking.....very seriously.

    There are teachers and other colleagues who follow me in other venues, such as Twitter, CR2.0 and Facebook that I can't follow here.

    Also, there are new members of my Diigo WORDLE group that I CAN'T follow.

    Now that I've shared this information with you and Maggie, I won't be sharing it again. I hope you can quickly fix the problem that been an issue for several months. I've been a constant, long time supporter of Diigo, and I hope to have the opportunity to continue to do that.


    PS: I would like to call friend colleagues, not friends. This was a change on Classroom2.0 that made a big difference in the way people work together.
Graham Perrin

I can't follow my friend (limit reached) - 72 views

follow gpd4 follow_me diigo bug help
started by Graham Perrin on 29 Jan 10 no follow-up yet
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Sheryl A. McCoy

Follow Me! - 4 views

follow_me diigo bug help resolved duplicate
started by Sheryl A. McCoy on 07 Jul 10 no follow-up yet
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