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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Michael Bishop

Blergie Blerguson

Send to blog keeps failing, don't know why! - 106 views

started by Blergie Blerguson on 21 Mar 08 no follow-up yet
  • Michael Bishop
    Blergie Blerguson wrote:
    > Thank you, Sir.
    > I have tried again. It doesn't work for my Blogspot blog, but it does work for my wordpress blog hosted on my own server.

    Funny, I posted to a self hosted WP blog this evening, and got a failure notice at diigo, but it actually posted. I posted to an officially unsupported blog engine (Habari), and it posted just fine. Now to understand the highlighting, and how to add a tag when sending to blog, but nice feature so far.


    > Thanks!
    > Joel Liu wrote:
    > > Y. We did a big update which might bring some problems. We will check it in a few hours.
Michael Bishop

delicious import backwards - 17 views

started by Michael Bishop on 23 Mar 08 no follow-up yet
  • Michael Bishop
    When I imported my delicious bookmarks, my oldest bookmarks were the last to import, so now they look like the most recent. Routinely I'll go back to my bookmark page to reference recently visited. This eventually won't be an issue, but it still seems like a small bug. There must be a way to import oldest to newest?
Jim McClintock

Firefox 3 beta 3 compatibility? - 124 views

Diigo Firefox beta compatibility help resolved
  • Michael Bishop
    I'm not getting a prompt to login to Twitter with FFb4 and the latest toolbar (3.1.3). I believe there's some bug still in FF3 regarding message windows. On Mac fwiw.


    Arrix Z wrote:
    > Please update you firefox 3 to beta 4 (the latest beta release at
    > the time of posting)
    > Firefox 3 final will be hopefully released in the first half of
    > 2008. In the mean time, we'll keep our toolbar working with the
    > latest beta release but we do not guarantee that it works with
    > previous ff3 beta releases.
  • Michael Bishop
    Mac version is a no go, using their default mac native theme, new profile, only thing installed was diigo toolbar. I have a submit button, click, but no prompt for twitter credentials if I wasn't clear.

  • Michael Bishop
    To tell you the truth, I can't remember where I read about it, just had a vague recollection that there were still some UI issues with the mac. Coulda been a dream however. :-D
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