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Shahim Essaid

URL fragment creates a new bookmark - 14 views

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started by Shahim Essaid on 05 May 10
  • Shahim Essaid
    Diigo treats a URL with a fragment as a different URL. It would be nice to have an option to change this so that URLs that only differ on the fragment part are considered the same. With the types of pages I visit, it is hard for me to notice if the page has already been bookmarked or not. I have to be careful in only bookmarking URLs without fragments. Also, when I want to check if I have bookmarked a page, I have to remove the fragment and reload the page so that Diigo can tell me if it is already bookmarked (the red icon).

    There was a suggestion [1] in another topic to have a yellow icon for URLs that only differ on case. Maybe this idea can also be applied to fragments.



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