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Trent Larson

Thanks for the full-text search! - 5 views

thanks thank you

started by Trent Larson on 05 Oct 09
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  • Trent Larson
    When I first started with Diigo, it only searched on the tags and annotations but not on the text of the bookmarks. I love that this has been added, especially since I can use it from my own service and pass the words as GET parameters.


    BTW, I've searched today and it appears to successfully find words (eg. Thanksgiving) in my group (eg. Family Histories) bookmarks, even though I've recently seen reports of full-text-search failures.
  • Graham Perrin
    > recently seen reports of full-text-search failures

    group topics-oriented and
    group bookmarks-oriented but those topics are relatively long so don't dive in unless you're a glutton for punishment. In fewer words, from my point of view (experimenting):

    Broadly speaking:

    * in your library, searches can be advanced; the option to advance
      appears at the foot of every standard search result

    * in a group, searches can not be so far advanced

    * a key to finding text within a group bookmarked page may be to
      draw a group highlight over that text

      - then wait a while for group indexing or whatever
        (beta, early days etc. :-)

    * in the community area (public bookmarks but not topics from all users)
      search is simple.

    It's so nice to be reading the many positive/thankful comments (in this group and elsewhere) about Diigo 4.0 beta. I'm very, very pleasantly surprised with the rapid developments in the seven days since it was released to the public … definitely, Kudos to Diigo team!

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