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started by lucite on 29 Apr 07
  • lucite
    I couldn't find any other way than this post to share with you how stoked I am about your service!

    I 've only been using for half an hour and already I'm addicted and can't imagine how I ever managed without it. I'm an avid user, but this is so much more what I need right now. You are making my life and my collaborators' life so much easier!

    On some level, you've done for research on the web what blogs have done for self-expression. You've given us the pens and notepads!

    As I use the tool more, I'm sure I'll have some UI suggestions - but right now, I congratulate you on a job well done.

    My first feedback: it would be more user-friendly for the non-savvy if it wasn't necessary to add a
    in the comments field (in bookmark view) - I figured it out, but my collaborators will have a hard time remembering to use it and their comment text will wind up being hard to read.

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. My sincere applause and encouragement to pursue developments.
  • Maggie Tsai

    Very nice to hear that and thank you for your encouraging words!

    While we know there are still lots of areas needing improvements, the entire Diigo team has been working
    incredibly hard to deliver what we think are useful contributions and innovations to the world of internet users. Together with your and everyone's active involvement, we will continue to dedicate our efforts to make Diigo a great place for you all to share, collaborate, and interact with other knowledge users.

    Welcome to the Diigo community!


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