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khirnhup yeo

Teacher Console: Cannot delete members' names - 29 views

Teacher Console delete members

started by khirnhup yeo on 10 Mar 11
  • khirnhup yeo
    I notice that the names of members continue to appear in the Console even after they are supposed to have been deleted. The Group Info box correctly reflects the number of current members though.
  • sandy_diigo
    Can you please tell us the group name so that we can further look into this issue?
  • khirnhup yeo
    The group name is ykh-gp. Thanks for the quick response.
  • khirnhup yeo
    Seems like a solution has yet to be found??
  • sandy_diigo
    Are things all well now?
    If the problem persists,can you please advise the member name cannot be deleted?
  • khirnhup yeo
    Seems ok now. Thank you very much!

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