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Steve Neilsons

Tags not showing up - 17 views

help bug

started by Steve Neilsons on 20 Feb 12
  • Steve Neilsons
    Hey guys!

    I am still fairly new to Diigo, and was wondering if I did anything wrong when it comes to tags. If you have a look at the bookmark I submitted ( you can see I made use of several tags. However when I do a search in public community, the website doesn't show for any of those tags.

    Not sure if I did anything wrong or not?

    Thank you
  • sandy_diigo
    Global tag or public tag,these tags you mentioned above are tags can be used for searching in community library.
    Those tags are selected from public tags of all users. Not every public tag can be global tag. Only tags meet
    specific algorithm stand out as global tags.

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