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Dr. Fridemar Pache

Meatball Wiki: MarkUrl - 0 views

    wiki annotation wikiannotation markurl fridemar asktrailfire

    Dear Diigos,  dear  TrailFire  peers,
    Diigos can learn a lot from the Url-based design of FireTrail. This architecture promises to reach the level of the precursor annotation system of KaPingYee, where each WebPage can annotate each other. As a special case: Each annotation can be titled, referred to, googled, and be annotated by annother annotation. Congratulations to TrailFire for this architecture.

    To both DiiGo and TrailFire programmers: please make the annotations like normal windows.
    One click should  make them fullsize  windows,  another  click  minimize them  as  appropriate.

    This is a DiiGo+TrailFire annotation.

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Dr. Fridemar Pache

Bookmarks not saved by the system - 99 views

Dear Maggie, I think, it might help to reduce anxiousness on losing bookmarks and annotations, if not addressing them on specific groups. Instead of this making them general and leaving a posting...

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