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sanjeewa padmal punchihewa

Marine turtle conservation in Sri Lanka - 0 views

    Declining sea turtle populations is a major concern for conservation biologists at the moment and today even though the Sea turtles are protected globally.

Mr. Limbaugh if you're nasty: How right-wing mean media keeps conservatives on the frin... - 0 views

  • modern incivility is, in many ways, a new ball game.
  • Even at our most divisive historical junctures, the acrimonious debates and accusations that emerged had few venues beyond the mainstream press.
  • Research suggests that political commentary is increasingly replacing conventional news and much of this commentary is outrage-based.
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  • The rate of increase in the number of outrage venues is evident in radio where there are 3,795 all-talk or all-news stations in the United States
  • more than triple the number in existence just 15 years ago
  • proliferation of blogs in terms of the number of new platforms for outrage content.
  • the Project for Excellence in Journalism
  • Talk radio is the second most popular radio format in the nation, falling only slightly behind the number one format: country music.
  • radio research firm Arbitron
  • Although liberal hosts attract a far smaller audience (a difference explained in part by liberals’ greater trust in traditional journalism)
  • As a point of comparison, the offerings on Fox and MSNBC are both routinely rated higher than their more moderate competition on CNN.
  • The aggregate audience for outrage media is immense.
  • Our estimate for talk radio, using Arbitron data for the top 12 hosts and extrapolating to the larger talk radio world, roughly 35 million listeners daily.
  • nightly outrage programs on cable attract close to 10 million viewers
  • Quantcast
  • the 20 top political blogs and, again, extrapolating to the broader blogosphere, we estimate 2 million people log on to at least one outrage-based political blog on a daily basis.
  • The audience is composed largely of those who are most likely to vote, most likely to donate to political causes, and most likely to be politically active in many other ways.
  • the Drudge Report that curate thematic news stories and blog posts
  • In moments past when things got ugly— the partisan press of the early 1800s comes to mind—publication and circulation was much slower. The rate of diffusion has increased over time, but accelerated exponentially in the last 30 years.
  • metastasized
  • The Bush White House, hardly an inept political operation, was outmatched.
  • For example, in its initial story on revelations that GOP presidential aspirant Herman Cain had been accused of sexual harassment, the Washington Post addressed the question of conservatives’ reaction to the controversy.
  • When these changes combine they gather force. There is synergy in the complementary incentives shared by outrage commentators, party leaders, candidates, and interest group activists.
  • The scholarly literature on political polarization in the United States does not align with the growth of outrage commentary.
  • Political scientist Morris Fiorina concludes that in terms of its ideological composition “the American public looks much the same as it did a half century ago—centrist more than polarized in its specific positions, pragmatic more than ideological in its general orientation.”
  • Alan Abramowitz rejects Fiorina’s belief that the polarization that seems so visible in our culture reflects the political beliefs of only a highly active political class. Rather, Abramowitz writes, “Polarization in Washington reflects polarization within the public.”
  • Most significantly, we see that the two major political parties have both become more philosophically homogeneous over time.
  • White southern conservatives migrated to the Republican Party while newly enfranchised blacks identified with the party of civil rights, the Democrats.
  • The increasingly conservative Republican Party became less welcoming to moderate Republicans and over time many moderates left to become independents or Democrats.
  • This is documented by Matthew Levendusky who finds that public opinion has not shifted markedly toward the ideological poles, but rather that today people have more closely linked their partisanship with their beliefs.
  • We see outrage as a practical and savvy response to political, technological, and economic shifts that have transformed the media landscape since the 1980s
  • We’ll consider just one here: the fragmentation of the audience as users have dispersed across the rapidly expanding array of media choices on and offline.
  • With this niche-orientation, individual cable channels can afford to offend segments of the market that are not their target audience.
  • Indeed, it is our argument that it has been able to solidify into a genre largely because of this profitability.
RG Brown

Ann Coulter scorches Donald Trump - 0 views

    The author and conservative commentator says Trump is "digging his own grave" and his supporters "fell for his BS"
    The author and conservative commentator says Trump is "digging his own grave" and his supporters "fell for his BS"

Mechanical Commissioning in New York City | USA | - 0 views

    Commissioning is a process where qualified professionals verify that the performance of building systems matches the specifications in the approved construction documents. In the case of New York City, commissioning requirements are established in the NYC Energy Conservation Code, Section C408. The 2014 edition of the code made commissioning mandatory for the following installations:

ECO RUNNER - 1 views

    In running levels, you are given a mission to save water, energy or environment. Whether its energy conservation, water conservation or other eco-friendly actions, this game is great for kids to learn about environment and ways to improve it.
Alex Parker

5 tech updates from the Conservatives' first week - 1 views

    People moves, funding and new powers to monitor and control internet use.

Utilizing Wheelchair Equipment to Conserve Your Energy - 0 views

    When you have been determined to have tumor, you might be overpowered with the majority of the choices that you have to make. You should work intimately with your specialist to figure out which medications are best for your requirements, and you might be looked with restricting your exercises as

Tokyo Olympic venue construction is accused of protesting with endangered forest enviro... - 0 views

    According to the British Guardian reported on November 29, the environmental protection organization accused the use of wood from the endangered Southeast Asian tropical rainforest in the construction of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, causing irreversible damage to biodiversity conservation.

How conservative and tough Morrison will be the Prime Minister of Australia will affect... - 0 views

    After the current Australian Prime Minister Turnbull was "forced to the palace", the country's Treasury Secretary Scott Morrison won the first re-election of the ruling Liberal Party in August 24 and will become the new prime minister. Morrison, who has served as the Minister of Immigration, Social

Abandoned Citizenship is a political storm in the United States. How big is Trumps win? - 0 views

    On October 30, local time, US House Speaker and Republican Paul Ryan said in an interview with WVLK Radio in Kentucky, he supported the government in cracking down on illegal immigration, but the president cannot abolish birth citizenship by administrative order... as a conservative, we Support the

Energy Conserving Benefits Post Tinting Your Windows at Home - 0 views

    Many homeowners need a house tint more than they realise. In fact, most people seek the benefits of tinted windows on the daily in the way that they close blinds to prevent heat or get shade from harmful UV rays, and reduce the suns glare as well as when they would turn down their air conditioner

Samsung NX2000DA - 0 views

    The Samsung NX2000 is another passage level mirrorless conservative framework camera. The plastic-bodied NX2000 highlights a 20.3 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, 3
hu xiaotao

Leawo DVD Creator Discount/Coupon Code - 2 views

Have some video file format and want to burn them to DVD so that you can play video files on your home DVD player in your living room? This tutorial has to do with the best ways to do it. With a pr...

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How you can Download AOL Video easily - 1 views


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jiaosha a

but returned to reprise that stunning aerial silks performance of - 0 views

"Old school" games like air hockey and foosball will also be on hand. Will be the scene of a latenight "rap/jam session" on Thursday and a conservative comedy lineup on Friday. But I was able to ro...

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live=Wimbledon 2015 Live - 1 views



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tennis==Wimbledon 2015 Live - 1 views

The 2015 Wimbledon Championships is a tennis tournament taking place at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club in Wimbledon, London, United Kingdom, from 29 June to 12 July 2015. They are the...

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Survetement Armani EA7 Femme Pas Cher Jogging - 0 views

Survetement Armani Femme Pas Cher Comme il y avait d'autres bosquets de cette sorte entre les grandschênes, je demandai pourquoi l'assassin avait choisi celuici plutôt queles autres ; Rouletabille ...

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sac longchamp solde sac - 0 views


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