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Jack Johnson

Tag search on Group - How?? - 17 views

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started by Jack Johnson on 29 Feb 12
  • Jack Johnson
    When I go to the homepage of my group -[groupname] - there is a search box at the top right with the text inside "Search in this group".

    I recently added a link to the group with tags "Barcelona" and "food".

    If I search for "Barcelona", I get a page saying:

    Group items matching Barcelona in title, tags, annotations or url.
    No result from this group.

    However, on the right-hand side, there is a box with:

    Related searches
    See group items tagged Barcelona »

    If I click the "See group items tagged Barcelona", I'm taken to a page with a heading "Group items tagged Barcelona", and the link I saved is listed there!

    Why is the "Search in this group" function not working when entering tag names, when it clearly states that I am searching in "title, *tags*, annotations or url" ?

  • sandy_diigo
    Having tested just now,the "Search in this group" function is working when enter tag names and also searching in "title,*tags*,annotations or url". There may be some delay.

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