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davido T

Superfish risk in Diigo Chrome extensions - 35 views

Superfish Awesome_Screenshot

started by davido T on 20 Feb 15
  • davido T
    I was surprised to read that Diigo apparently included Superfish in its in Awesome Screenshot extension, after reading about the criticism of Superfish as a potential security hole at

    I love Diigo and I understand that you need revenue to survive. I'd just like you to clarify whether Superfish is still bundled with any of Diigo's extensions and if so, whether that introduces a security risk to users, as described in the Forbes article.

  • Andrew Jarvis
    Is Superfish still in it?
  • davido T
    Yes, it's listed in Awesome Screenshot, with opt-out instructions. It's great that Diigo is transparent about using it--and based on that, I hope that the lack of mention in their other extensions means that it isn't used.

    Maybe Superfish doesn't pose the risk, when embedded in a Chrome extension, that it apparently does when embedded with some Lenovo laptops (link above). That's what I'm hoping Diigo can answer for us.
  • mdsozib
    what is Superfish? will anyone tell me please?
  • crishgayle01

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