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News Casta

Searching my library fails to find matching titles - 27 views

bug resolved diigo toolbar library bookmark title search

started by News Casta on 20 Jul 10
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  • News Casta
    Searching by tag works fine, but no other searches are working for me (e.g. if I look for a word in one of my bookmark titles, or words inside the text of the articles, no results come up.)

    Is anyone else experiencing the same problem? Or is it just my account?

    Is it possible the bookmarks haven't been indexed yet? (I added them yesterday.)

  • Graham Perrin
    > inside the text of the articles

    Please enable e-mail notification for: (2008-12-29),
    full-text search of Diigo-cached content

    Please also enable e-mail notification for (2008-10-11),
    Searching for Comments & Highlights

    > bookmark titles

    > Search titles, tags, annotations, URLs and snapshots
    > VirusBarrier

    fails to find my bookmark of
    with the word VirusBarrier in the title

    News Casta, would you like to change the title of this topic, to something like

    Searching my library fails to find matching titles

    Thanks for reporting.
  • News Casta
    My searches are working fine now. Did you make any changes? Or was it just a delay in indexing? It's weird that it took a few days...

    By the way, this is a great product!

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