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Alexander S

Searching for multiple tags does not work - 88 views

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started by Alexander S on 12 Jan 11
  • Alexander S

    I've got a bookmark which has the following tags:

    - jét
    - samsung
    - s8000
    - from:delicious

    When I go to all the bookmarks with tag "s8000", I see the bookmark just fine. And on the left hand side, Diigo displays "related" tags, eg. "samsung". When I click on the "+" in front of "samsung", I should see all bookmarks with "samsung" *AND* "s8000"; I'm then on

    But the system then doesn't find ANY bookmarks at all! "no items tagged s8000+samsung" is what it says.

  • sandy_diigo
    We have noticed this bug and it will be fixed.
    The current workaround is using space as delimiters between multiple tags and you can also use
    format like "tag a AND tag b" to find out bookmarks with both tag a and tag b.
  • sandy_diigo
    Sorry for any inconvenience you met with.The bug has been fixed. Please check it again.
  • Alexander S
    I can confirm that it works now.
  • Alexander S
    BTW: Thanks a lot for the quick fix! :)

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