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Gregor MacLennan

Redirect after sign-in fails - 14 views

bug assigned Google Chromium edit redirect

started by Gregor MacLennan on 07 Jul 10
  • Graham Perrin
    > When I click a link in my daily updates from my Diigo groups I get taken to the sign-in page

    That doesn't happen when I follow links within e-mails relating to groups that have public content.

    Is the group with which you have trouble private?

    Does the problem affect both group bookmarks and group topics?
  • Joel Liu
    We fixed the issue yesterday . Could you check it again?

  • Gregor MacLennan
    That is great, it is working much better. The good thing is that it doesn't even need a sign-in to see the page, although I do find the frame that Diigo places over the page to be a little too large and imposing. Maybe it could be a sidebar rather than taking up half the horizontal space. As it is you can hardly see and of the article and it is confusing which part is Diigo and which part is the page.

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