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Graham Perrin

public and private highlights, and public/private/group stickies and comments - 67 views

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started by Graham Perrin on 10 Apr 09
  • Graham Perrin
    David Corking wrote:


    Off topic: "an annotation that is addressed to a single group
    > may not be echoed ... "

    > Graham, could you post a link or two to relevant topics for my
    > benefit? I find the differences between public and private
    > highlights, and public/private/group stickies and comments quite
    > disorientating. As yet, I really don't know who sees what and
    > when, so I would appreciate a suggested path through the
    > documentation. I don't need the fine-grained detail: I just
    > want to know how to make my bookmarking and annotation completely
    > public, or completely private.


    notes notes notes
    highlights                                        page comments
    |                                                             |

    - that is: bookmark as the foundation for most things.

    Completely private

    When highlighting, beware!

    As you add your first private highlight to a page: if no bookmark exists, then a bookmark is created (sometimes silently) and such bookmarks are, by default, PUBLIC.

    In some Diigo environments: you may set an option to avoid unintended publicity. highlights a tip within

    In at least one Diigo UI: publicity of new bookmarks is unavoidable (discussion).


    A highlight may be publicised in the following ways:

    * to the highlight: stick a note that is public

    * at your My Bookmarks: use the Share menu to gain an annotated link for a bookmark, then publicise that link.

    There may be other ways, depending on user behaviours :)


    The routine for comments is fairly self-explanatory at the time of commenting, fewer gotchas.

    Floating sticky notes

    I rarely use these.

    Sharing to groups

    The groups stuff will probably come fairly naturally after you get your head around the points above ... but follow up here if you need any pointers.

  • Graham Perrin
    @ David

    Is Diigo 4.0 beta more intuitive? I have not paid great attention to wording but I suspect that there are improvements to (at least) the descriptions of highlights. Less confusion between private/public, that type of thing …

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