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Delilah Draken

Problem with delicious import - 75 views

help delicious import

started by Delilah Draken on 29 Sep 11
  • Delilah Draken
    There is a strange difference in numbers between my delicious bookmarks and the links that show up in my diigo account after I import them.

    Whereas I have 2190 links at delicious, there are only 2016 here at diigo. With the tags it is even stranger because I only have 435 delicious tags, but diigo tells me I have 2185.

    Should I delete all bookmarks here at diigo and do a total re-import from delicious?
  • Adrian S
    Doesn't seem like the API has changed now-- or rather the API has been reopened. Can this feature be turned back on?
  • sandy_diigo
    @Delilah Draken Having check just now,you have only over 400 tags.
    Where do you see that your tags are over 400?
    Diigo does not support bookmarks consisting of javascript. That may account for why the total
    number becomes less after it is imported.
  • Delilah Draken
    @sandy_diigo The problem seems to have resolved itself. When I last looked at my tags on Sunday it was still the very strange high number.

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