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Jamie Rykse

Our group does not come up in "search for a group" - 52 views

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started by Jamie Rykse on 23 Feb 11
  • Jamie Rykse
    When other staff wish to join our group use the "search for a group" , our group name does not appear. Instead they get "There are no suitable groups".

    Our group setting does have "List this group in the search results" turned on.

    I am able to send the group link to someone and they are able to use it to join. I would like staff members to be able to use the search instead of having to email me for the direct link.

    The who can view setting I have tried setting to public and private. Both settings do not make a difference in someone being able to find the group.

    What am I missing?
  • sandy_diigo
    >>>Our group setting does have "List this group in the search results" turned on.
    The setting is not effective immediately.It may have some delay.
  • Josep Vila
    He dado de alta a un nuevo grupo, cuando hago su búsqueda en Diigo no me lo encuentra. En el apartado de edición en "Who Can view" tengo marcado "Public - all can view"; a "Searchable", tengo marcado "List this group in the search results" y en el apartado "How to join", "Open - anyone can join". ¿Me puede ayudar alguien? ¿De qué manera puedo conseguir que el grupo que administro pueda ser encontrado en cualquier búsqueda dentro de Diigo, por Nombre/Título del grupo? Muchas gracias.
  • Jamie Rykse
    The group was created on 13 Jan 2011. It has never came up in search. I again tried today and it still does not show up in search results.

    When you search for a group, isn't it looking at possible group name matches? I can not seem to figure out why our group name does not show up when searching for a group.
  • Josep Vila
    He released a new group, when I do your search on Diigo is not me. In the editing section "Who Can view" I have marked "Public - all can view" to "Searchable", I have labeled "List this group in the search results"and in "How to join", "Open - Anyone can join". Can you help me someone? How I can get the group I manage can be found in any search within Diigo, by Name / Title of the group? Thank you very much.
  • sandy_diigo
    We have fixed this issue.Please check it.
  • Josep Vila
    I've tested and works correctly. Thank you very much for your help
  • Jamie Rykse
    It is also working for our group as well. Thank you.

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