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Joy Anhalt

not able to bookmark - 14 views

bug toolbar

started by Joy Anhalt on 10 Oct 11
  • Joy Anhalt
    I'm using IE8 and occassionally when I select diigolet to add a bookmark the "toolbar" does not appear. I wait a couple of minutes and try again, I have closed and re-opened IE and it makes no difference. I'm fed up with delicious and would like to use diigo but if I can't bookmark everything I am at a loss as to what to use.
  • sandy_diigo
    Does the problem occur on some specific page or all pages?
    Can you please have a try at the chrome or firefox extension?
  • Joy Anhalt
    I'm using this at work and don't have the option of trying another browser. This one of the sites I am unable to bookmark:

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