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Tyme 2.0

/n in Notes instead of breakline - 30 views

bug resolved duplicate note

started by Tyme 2.0 on 02 Sep 10
  • Joel Liu
    Did you mean you all your breaklines were convernted to "/n" when you tried to edit the note?
  • J M
    Yes! I am having the same issue. If I edit a bookmark with a description that has breaks in it, after I finish editing, the breaks turn into /n and the description is difficult to read. How do I avoid this issue?
  • Webtwo Dozent
    I've got the same problem.
    Besides, it would be great, if there were better editing-features (similar to MS-Wordpad)!
  • Tyme 2.0
    new thread is there :

    ( new feedback forum )

    please use this new link above
  • Tyme 2.0
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