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eyal matsliah

My testimonial - by eyalnow - 15 views


started by eyal matsliah on 18 Apr 07
  • eyal matsliah
    I discovered Diigo two months ago, became an avid user and a self-proclaimed product evangelist.

    Diigo for me is the knowledge-management solution I was looking for.

    What sets diigo apart is that it handles *Knowledge*, rather than mere links.

    It is the ONLY solution that lets me *permanently* highlight and annotate specific text on a webpage, which is then saved to my diigo profile.

    Diigo complements the mental process in which a sentence "jumps" at you, and you make a mental note about it. By highlighting the sections I deem important, I better understand and remember what I read. I believe there is scientific proof for this.

    As time goes by, I'm building a repository of all the important Knowledge I find on the net, which I can easily manage, tag, retrieve and aggregate.

    Regarding the 'social' aspect:
    Diigo provides me immediate personal benefits, and I can then share this knowledge with others of my choosing, and follow what other individuals or groups are finding on the net. Not just the pages(links) they are browsing, but the actual sections that they deem important, and their reactions to it.

    I think that Diigo is not only for 'researchers'.
    Most of us conduct some sort of research whenever we read a news article, shop for an appliance, view photos or videos, or read a blogpost.

    Although I appreciate the other services, and might occasionally use some of them, I find that Diigo already incorporates and combines MOST of their important features, in a way that is more robust and scalable.

  • Oliver S.
    Very interesting post, eyalnow.

    I absolutely agree that Diigo is not only for researchers in its narrow sense but for anyone looking for information on the Web and wanting to archive and access this information in an easy way. After all, the dictionary lists "search for knowledge" as one of one its defintions of "research".

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