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Paul Lastname

My Library page is damaged - 21 views

bug interface inconsistency load HTML conflict standard view switch display mode bookmark nesting

started by Paul Lastname on 06 Oct 09
  • Graham Perrin
    Please, at

    * do you see seven (7) bookmarks, or more?

      — you should see 20, 50 or 100 of around 292, depending on
        how many items per page you prefer

    * at the foot of the page, do you see the menu
      Showing …▼ items per page
      and is that menu functional?
  • Paul Lastname
    It is strange, but now at that page I see TWO latest bookmarks which I saved yesterday and today. I see NOTHING BELOW, i.e. neither "Showing …▼ items per page" nor something else. But as I said above the page is broken only if I choose "All" and "private" filters; if I choose "unread", "public" or any tag it is OK. (All my bookmarks are private and I got one public for testing.)
    The main inconvenience is that I cannot see all my recent bookmarks. I can see them in the browser sidebar only.
  • Graham Perrin
    >> as if the loading of the page was stopped

    > NOTHING BELOW, i.e. neither "Showing …▼ items per page"
    > nor something else

    > broken only if I choose "All" and "private" filters

    If something prevents proper loading of the page, I wonder what that thing is.

    Please, what's your:

    * operating system and version
    * browser and version

    and can you test an affected view in a different browser?
  • Graham Perrin
    … also try flicking the three way switch from its middle position (standard view) to either of the other views.
  • Graham Perrin
    > conflict with the rest html code of my library page

    > bookmarks became "nested"

    Bookmarks aside for a moment: in a group topic, it's possible for the view to fail if HTML is entered incorrectly or inappropriately. At least once, I saw nesting as a result of my own mistake. As far as I recall, correction required me (using Safari in Mac OS X) to disable styles and work with the keyboard alone, especially the option-tab key combination, to reach then select, copy, paste (to an external editor), correct, paste back then save.

    Back to bookmarks:

    > I deleted that bookmark and now all is OK

    Can you recall the URL of the bookmark, and the detail of the annotation? I might try to reproduce the bug in the sandpit group (where things can be broken without fear :)

    Your English is fine :) no need for apology.

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