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Jeff Bordogna

Merging highlights from different pages of same website - 29 views


started by Jeff Bordogna on 11 Oct 09
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  • Jeff Bordogna
    I apologize if this is obvious or already answered, though, I've searched through help pages and these discussions.

    I'd like the ability to make highlights to different pages (generally of the same website) part of the same bookmark. I just started using diigo and love it, but have found it difficult to use in several situations, primarily:

    Multiple page articles - I want to bookmark an article I read, but highlight various sections of the article that are on different pages of the article (and thus a different url/bookmark).

    Multiple pages of website - I want to bookmark website, and then highlight various sections (e.g. from home page, about us page, and contact page) and have them all part of same original bookmark.

    Same thing goes for sticky-notes/comments. Is there anyway to have these merged into 1 bookmark? Potentially, whenever one of these actions is performed, one can choose which bookmark to attach it to (and have default functionality stay as is). I wouldn't even mind having to merge the the information after the fact. Just want some system for doing this.
  • Graham Perrin
    Bookmarks of a multiple page single article

    At the first page, I add a comment to remind me that there is more. Examples:

    Page comments appear by default in compact and standard views of your library; and on demand if you flick the switch to management view.
  • Graham Perrin
    Bookmarks of multiple pages within a site

    The Diigo Meta view of a bookmark (examples above) leads to community bookmarks from the same site.

    To focus on your library alone, simply enter the site URL in the main search field

    Example result:

    To focus even more: use a list or a tag at the time of bookmarking.

    I occasionally use the date as a tag, for today I would use
    … this, I find useful when I'm bookmarking multiple pages (across any number of sites) with a train of thought that can't be brought together in a Common Tag way. In the distant future I need remember only one item, then the tag will allow me to recollect the whole caboodle without wondering what other tags/concepts I was using on that day.

    In any case:

    * a switch to management view (pro edit display mode) allows me to produce a single report from multiple items.
  • Graham Perrin
    > sticky-notes/comments. Is there anyway to have these merged into 1 bookmark?

    Please discuss under
    Edition of URLs, and order of tags

    >> +1
    >> to editing URLs and having the annotations either
    >> a) copied
    >> or
    >> b) transferred to the revised URL.
  • Graham Perrin
    > I've searched through help pages and these discussions.

    Some searches fail to find matching topics, my best guess of a cause is at comments #14 and #15

    The tag
    will find answers to some frequently asked questions. Amongst those topics,
    Diigo bookmarks and annotations are URL-specific is basically a shortlist of links to related topics.

    As the subject in which you're interested is implicit in, or mixed into, so many topics, I should probably steer you to the earliest topic, Edition of URLs, and order of tags.

    Hope that helps
  • Jeff Bordogna
    Thanks for all the help Graham. Will put 2 cents into some of those other topics/discussions after I give them a more thorough read through. Am a web developer so I understand that there are a lot of backend considerations to take into account with the whole merging idea, so let me know if you can think of anyway I can help out.

    Thanks again,

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