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cat509 z

making multiple lists public at once - 88 views

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started by cat509 z on 08 Apr 09
  • cat509 z
    All of my bookmarks from furl came over as private lists. Is there a way I can make all of my lists public at once? I have a lot of lists and I would prefer not to have to make them public one by one.

  • Graham Perrin
    Your lists at ?

    AFAICT, no way to edit multiple lists in Diigo 3 beta.

    I would suggest: edit each one individually, as time passes.

    In the meantime: for each private list, you should find a tokenised URL. Maybe create one public list that includes tokens for all private lists that you intend to publicise :)
  • cat509 z
    Will do.Thanks for the info.
  • Graham Perrin
    Update: thanks to Diigo user Tim McCormack, there is a script for Greasemonkey to delete your lists, if the lists are no longer required. - click the [Preview] switch to reveal the script's page at

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