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Lamarck Jean

"Just in bookmarks" and "recommended bookmarks" are not always visible - 24 views

suggestion just in menu orientation inconsistency

started by Lamarck Jean on 27 Jul 09
  • Lamarck Jean

    Top menu/Discover/Just in
    Top menu/Discover/Recommended bookmarks

    Here I can see the most recent added bookmarks or get recommendations. But to do this I should to come to the user forum, I can't explore this features from my own profile

    For example here the option "just in" and "recommended" are not visibles, Why?

    Conclusion: Just the people who come to this forum have the oportunity to discover this two features. I have been visiting this forum every day during a month, but I accidentaly discovered this features today.

    Users can't predict that "top menu" features will change depending of the subdomain.

  • Lamarck Jean
    > I suspect that the omissions that you have discovered are accidental, not by design.

    Do you also have this problem?

    Do you think that diigo staff will fix it early?

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