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Matt Fahrner

iPad Suggestion - merge Diigo tool and Diigo browser - 42 views

diigo browser iPad enhancement RFE

started by Matt Fahrner on 10 Nov 11
  • Matt Fahrner
    I sort of implied this elsewhere, but the Diigo browser I think could actually use more Diigo integration. For instance, as far as I can tell you can't add a URL to a Diigo List. Also I think the whole "Send to" paradigm is klunky given that this is Diigo browser ostensibly for Diigo users. Ideally the Diigo browser should have at least as many capabilities for bookmarking as the Firefox Diigo plugin.

    Toward that end I really suggest just merge the iPad Diigo tool and the Diigo browser, and blend their functionality together. Even if not, at least make the Diigo browser a very powerful interface into Diigo bookmarking, highlighting, capture, etc.

    Finally, if beggars are being choosers, find a different icon for the browser. Of course this is only taste, but the pinwheel doesn't do it for me (yes, picky!).

    All of this said of course, I love Diigo - so please take these comments in the constructive method they were intended.

  • Phil Taylor
    I would love that integration. Great suggestion. Not sure how easy to achieve a mobile style browser.

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