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Ellen Hrebeniuk

Improving Diigo Help - 7 views

meta help

started by Ellen Hrebeniuk on 16 Nov 09
  • Graham Perrin


    > a tips page

    This group is described as a place to share our … tips, tricks, and ideas etc.. There's a wealth of information but even with good search results, it's not always easy to find — quickly — the help that's needed/

    > wiki

    to anything that's not WYSIWYG during edition.

    A previous help area was wiki-based. Whilst I didn't contribute to it, I understand that it was troublesome, e.g. . FWIW I might recommend Plone, which can be wiki-like (and very effectively multi-lingual) when suitably configured.

    > nice ajax style help boxes

    A tour using Amberjack might be useful.

    I have other thoughts, but that's enough for the moment :)

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