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Gerhard Hagerer

Import of Firefox bookmarks doesn't work - 208 views

import bookmarks Ubuntu Firefox bug

started by Gerhard Hagerer on 15 Jul 09
  • Gerhard Hagerer

    Some weeks ago (at least 2) I have tried to import some (~180) Firefox bookmarks several times over the web-interface (4 times or more I think), but till today they haven't been loaded into my Diigo account. I've already written a message to the "support" team, that doesn't seam to be existent in our world, at least they didn't answer.

    So that's a very good way for Diigo to banish people, but I still want to use Diigo because of the cool features (if they'll work...), even if their import and service is really not more than a piss take (contest: how would you call THIS?).

    Can somebody please tell me what's going on with Diigo? Or is this forum also just an illusion? (excuse my angriness). Or just for the possibility: what did I make wrong? I am using FF 3.1 and the newest Diigo-plugin. "Import My Bookmarks" in the Diigo menu shows an empty window with no bookmarks in it. Maybe it's because of Ubuntu? At least the web-import is because of Diigo.

    To leave it not unsaid: I have searched Google and this forum here very intesively. Many people with this problem, but no answers.

    I hope somebody is hearing this. Thank you!
  • Graham Perrin
  • Graham Perrin
    Which version of Ubuntu?

    Which version (number) of Diigo?
  • Gerhard Hagerer
    thanks for your answer graham.

    > Which version of Ubuntu?
    8.10 and 9.04, both exactly the same

    > Which version (number) of Diigo?
  • Graham Perrin
    ghagerer wrote:

    > "Import My Bookmarks" in the Diigo menu shows an empty window
    > with no bookmarks in it.

    The window should include a list of bookmarks.

    Uppermost in the window is the link to Help…, which will answer some people's questions about whether repeated imports lead to duplication.

    Do you see the link to Help… or is the window completely empty?

    What else do you see in the window? Can you provide a screen shot?
  • Graham Perrin
    > > Which version of Ubuntu?
    > 8.10 and 9.04, both exactly the same

    8.10 and 9.04 are different in many ways.

    > > Which version (number) of Diigo?

    That's outdated, not the newest. Please visit to gain version

    If your problem is resolved by installation or re-installation of the latest version, please send a follow-up e-mail to the support team, with a reference to this topic.

  • Gerhard Hagerer
  • Gerhard Hagerer
    I made a mistake. I meant
  • Gerhard Hagerer
    > My guess is that a fix for this will be included with the next version of Diigo, expected this month.

    lets hope so. you don't have a tip how i could successfully upload my bookmarks over the web-interface?
  • Graham Perrin
    You can install Wine, then install Firefox for Windows and extend it with Diigo
  • Gerhard Hagerer
    Graham Perrin wrote:
    > Was it the Wine workaround that did the trick, and did you use version 3.5 of Firefox in the Wine environment?

    both times "yes". but i have to confess, that i didn't try ff 3.5 on ubuntu (only 3.1). did you do that?

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