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How to export images - 45 views

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started by BMB Library on 13 Mar 12
  • BMB Library
    Hi, could anyone tell me a way to export all images in my library to either a zip file, or something that I can use to import to another program?

    FYI, this is due to the inability to tag images at the point of saving, which has become a huge hassle, we use image libraries for research, and it's become unworkable adding tags later.

    I've tried raising this issue a few times, but over the past year no updates etc have been made.

    Let me know if anyone can help, thanks!
  • anonymous
    i've wondered about the same thing, but in regard to backing up bookmarks. Exporting my Diigo bookmarks doesn't save my screenshots.
  • BMB Library
    Surely it must be possible; we can't have to go through and save one by one... can anyone from Diigo help on this??

  • sandy_diigo
    Now we focus on the new version of our website. The new version will support better adding tag and organising bookmarks. We will support exporting of all images step by step.
  • anonymous
    Thanks Sandy, that would be fantastic.

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