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Ryan Wu

How can I delete my all lists? - 32 views

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started by Ryan Wu on 10 Jul 09
  • Ryan Wu
    How can I delete my all lists?
  • Graham Perrin
    Lists can be deleted one at a time.
  • Tim McCormack
    I suspect the OP is asking because he migrated from Furl, as I did. The result (in my case) was a list automatically created for every tag. For me, that is 3020 lists.

    I'm sure I could write a Greasemonkey script to automatically kill all my lists over the course of a day, but it would be nice to find a ready-made solution.
  • Ryan Wu
    Tim McCormack wrote:
    > I just finished writing a Greasemonkey script to do this:

    I really appreciate your help, this script so cool.

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