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George Bradford

Group merge - 51 views

merge groups question

started by George Bradford on 17 May 12
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  • George Bradford
    Is there a way to take two groups with different owners and (with each owner's agreement and participation) create a third group that is a merging of both?


  • sandy_diigo
    Curretly we do not support it. Can you please give us more scenarios where you need such feature?
  • Fuzbolero .
    This would certainly add to the usefulness of Diigo.
    In general, just knowing if such an option is possible is positive for the perspectives.
    I think Diigo would benefit from having a stronger focus on features for "content management" (bookmarks, tags, etc. is content which we want to "manage" in several ways, both here and outside of Diigo - read: export flexibility, etc.), like this simple feature request here.

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