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Hans De Keulenaer

Group feature 'flag as inappropriate' - 25 views

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started by Hans De Keulenaer on 14 Apr 12
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  • Hans De Keulenaer
    Diigo is a gentle community and it's not much targeted by spammers. However, once in a while, bookmarks or topics appear that are off-topic. For these, a social feature 'flag as inappropriate' would be nice (cf LinkedIn groups). The desired behaviour would be that these flagged links are moved to a moderation queue for review.
  • Fuzbolero .
  • sandy_diigo
    We are considering new measures, such as set up fee like pinboard or only premium user can batch import bookmarks to diigo.In this way, spammers can be filtered effectively. As for contents are off-topic but not spam,"flag as inappropriate" sounds nice but it takes quite some time for group managers to monitor these posts and it seems
    boring and also needs quite a lot of re-coding. How do you think of the solution?
  • Hans De Keulenaer
    Sandy - thanks for your consideration. As far as I'm concerned, I think the web needs more quality than quantity, and I see it as the role of a group manager to review and maintain bookmarks in his group. But I'm aware that you have many wishes to cater for, and if it's a lot of coding work, it may be better for group managers to simply delete these rogue bookmarks.

    Recently on this diigo community, there have appeared a few of these spam links. My first inclination is always that I'd like to see these removed.

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