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Graham Perrin

group: can not remove my comments - 11 views

resolved priority bug UI group comment remove delete

started by Graham Perrin on 04 Oct 09
  • Graham Perrin
  • Graham Perrin

    Noting (with huge but quiet thanks) the resolution of

    Workaround: fails

    1. click the (green) URL

    2. present Diigolet

    3. click Comment

    4. group comment is visible but again, no option to delete

      - that should be a separate bug.
  • Graham Perrin
    Cross reference

    floating window for page comments is too small for its contents; comments can not be deleted
    — that topic 974081 and this topic 974072 combine to present a broader bug that may for some users absolutely block removal of comments so attention to one or both should be a priority. Thanks :)
  • Graham Perrin
    Seems to be fixed. Thanks!

    Tag: resolved

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