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Nele Noppe

Group bookmarks invisible? - 17 views

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started by Nele Noppe on 29 Sep 09
  • Nele Noppe
    We're using our groups in a classroom setting and this is extremely inconvenient (and alarming). When I go to the "My Groups" page, everything looks normal, but when I actually go to the groups, some have no bookmarks visible and the item count at the right of the page is 0. Clicking on the tags at the bottom right does give the list of bookmarks with the tag clicked, so the bookmarks are actually there. All the groups I own have this problem, and at least one of the groups that I'm a member of but do not own. Is this something in the group settings? I never changed any settings and can't for the life of me figure out what setting might cause my bookmarks not to be listed on the main group page.

    One example where I see an empty group, whether logged in or not:

    Please help,


    (By the way, I had to re-join the Diigo Community group for some reason as well.)

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