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Olof Bjarnason

Floating notes good, but could be better - 10 views

suggestion Firefox FloatingNotes

started by Olof Bjarnason on 27 Apr 11
  • Olof Bjarnason
    I really love the "Add floating note" thing when I right-click a piece of selected text.

    For one thing, it is much easier to spot than highlighted text (which can be confused with other things in the oh-so-cluttered web).

    1. But, what I'd like is a way to spot "all notes" on a web page (some pages are really long, how do I know I didn't miss a note somewhere?).

    2. Also, when reading a note-comment beneath a diigo-note on the site, I cannot find an easy way to navigate directly to the note "in-context" (on the spot it was added). Maybe I'm missing it, seems really useful (and obvious).

    Thanks for a great service!

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