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Paul Jinks

Firefox 4 - problem editing bookmarks - 32 views

Firefox4 Firefox edit

started by Paul Jinks on 07 Apr 11
  • Paul Jinks
    I updated to FF4 a couple of weeks ago since when I can't edit bookmarks in my library. Works fine in other browsers (Safari and Chrome).

    Anyone else having this issue? I'm on a mac and yes, I have several addons!
  • Daniel Gauthier
    Everything is fine here Paul.
    Noticed that your post goes back a few days.
    Have you found your problem yet?
  • Paul Jinks
    Hi Daniel

    Thanks for the reply. Everything back to normal here too. I think I caused the problem myself by syncing firefox profiles on different computers using Dropbox. Not sure what the details are, but it seems it affected javascript performance on some sites.

    Have given up on the syncing project and everything's back to normal.

    Best wishes


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