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P. G.

[Feature Request] Delete option (concerning diigo toolbar) - 24 views

feature request

started by P. G. on 15 Nov 07
  • P. G.

    As I do sometimes need to resave a bookmark with another url (e.g. single-page or print view or sth. like that), I'd like to see an easy / simple option to delete the last saved bookmark from BOTH diigo AND e.g. or those other bookmarking services, one might use together with diigo while using the diigo toolbar! Or maybe, you could even implement a more advanced option (would be really cool too!!) to be able to delete those bookmarks from both/several sites at once, although they might be older or spread across your bookmarking timeline, too! So e.g. sth. like "inline searching, finding, selecting and deleting of the selected (via checkbox) bookmarks". :-)

    What do you think?
    Thanks for your help & feedback in advance,

    kind regards.
  • Maggie Tsai
    In the new toolbar, you will be able to remove bookmark. However, it's not possible to delete bookmark that you've already saved to delicious. We have no control over other services once data is submitted :-)

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