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Jose Roca

Feature Request: Bookmark reminders, Expiry Date... - 12 views

feature request

started by Jose Roca on 25 Sep 07
  • Jose Roca
    Well as the title goes, don't know if it has been mentioned before, but it would be cool to have some type of support for bookmark reminders (can be implemented more or less like the group digest email, but on a per bookmark type of thing).

    So okay, lets say I am browsing around and I find this good article I want to read but don't have the time to read it, so I bookmark it and put a reminder to read it over the weekend. So comes the weekend and maybe from the toolbar a notification comes up with the reminder of the bookmark, or an email on my inbox, i'm just saying the toolbar thing would be cool :P

    The expiry date would also apply to this type of situation, maybe is just a one time read thing and should expire after reading, or after a week has passed. Those temp bookmarks can be deadly cuz I can end up with lots of one time things I bookmarked for just a period of time needed, but forgot to delete.

    Cheers to the Diigo team! Keep up the good work!

  • Joel Liu
    Both are good ideas. I will record and discuss it with my team members.
    BTW, after V3, we will build a small vote system in which all users can vote for new features they want.

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