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started by anonymous on 17 Dec 10
  • anonymous
    Hi all, I have just started using Diigo today after the sad news that Yahoo might be axing Delicious. However I feel happy about this because it has let me try this great service you guys are offering! :)

    I really should have tried Diigo sooner ..

    However the one problem i am having is formatting the Enhanced Linkrolls.
    I have set it up correctly and all of my formatting works, the only thing that i cannot figure out is how to remove or for the page not to the small orange RSS icon below the links.

    Is there anyway to remove this icon?

    I do know HTML and CSS well, so if there is a way to put a piece of code in the link roll javascript on my web page or to put some formatting to stop it appearing in my css file then i would be able to do that.

    Many thanks, Ryan.
  • anonymous
    Done it :) This code seemed to have worked for me:

    #diigo_linkroll img {
    display: none;
  • Kevin Spencer
    Does this still work?

    Where do you put it in the code?


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