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Antonio Lopez

Diigo toolbar freezes Firefox 4.1 - 35 views

Firefox 4 toolbar crash freeze sleep Mac OS X

started by Antonio Lopez on 01 May 11
  • Antonio Lopez
    Whenever my computer (iMac Intel core i3) goes to sleep, after it wakes up Firefox 4 freezes. I disabled all plug-ins/add-ons to see what was causing the problem. After enabling them one by one, I discovered that the diggo toolbar is the only add-on that causes this problem. When it freezes I'm unable to click a tab or hyperlink. It seems to disable my mouse as well (right clicking doesn't work either). I have to force quit in order to use the browser normally. I didn't have this problem with Firefox 3. I really love diigo, so I hope this is a known issue and someone has a solution,
  • sandy_diigo
    Is the version of your firefox 4.0.1 or 4.1?
    Can you please uninstall the extension and reinstall it again to test whether the problem persists?

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