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Sandy Johnson

Diigo Group Difficulty - message "Sorry for the inconvenience" - 16 views

Chrome Groups difficulty performance bug help

started by Sandy Johnson on 23 Feb 12
  • Sandy Johnson
    We are having quite a bit of trouble with accessing Groups - keep getting the message "Sorry for the inconvenience", etc. This went on all morning. We are using Chrome and are using Diigo 5.0 beta. I have never had so much trouble!
  • sandy_diigo
    As the increasing of diigo users, our servers are swallowed by the huge amount of data. We have ordered new servers.We are enlarging memories and preparing to transfer data. It will be stable soon.
  • Sandy Johnson
    Hi! Thank you for your answer and also the email I received. We had the same issue yesterday and I am wondering how soon this will be fixed. We love using Diigo but in an educational setting it's hard to do a lesson if we can't do what we plan!

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