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yc c

Diigo group bookmark editor not working AT ALL! - 14 views

resolved Diigo bug not_working management view pro edit display mode select all load timing wait 973118 984637

started by yc c on 08 Oct 09
  • yc c
    when listing my bookmarks in a group ( , and set to 'best for managing' view - nothing works. Not even 'select all'

    Everybody have the same problem or is it just me?
  • Graham Perrin
    > select all

    The check box features appear on screen early whilst the page is loading, but the boxes ineffective until after all (or most) of the content has loaded.

    There's also a bug
    group: pro edit display mode (management view): [√] select all: selects none, and the 'More Actions' menu is ineffective

    Suggestion (to Diigo)

    Whilst the page is loading:

    * suppress the ability to select (check the boxes)
    * maybe, have them present but greyed out.

    Hint (to users)

    Wait for the page to load before aiming to work with any part of it. In Safari 4.0.3 in Mac OS X, you'll see 'Loading…' in the toolbar.
  • Vincent Tsao
    thanks for your report, bug fixed

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